This Mother’s Day

This Mother’s Day weekend my family is coming together to celebrate.  We will celebrate love and we will celebrate mothers.  On Saturday  we are having a wedding shower for our niece.IMG_2544

My sister and I planned the shower for Mother’s Day weekend hoping our mother would be able to attend.  Last October my Mother moved to Austin, Texas to help take care of her older sister.  This has been a good experience for my Mom and her sister.  But we do not get to see her or even talk to her as often as we are used to.  So I have not seen my Mom since Christmas.  While getting ready for the shower, I started thinking about my niece and her new life she is embarking upon and then thoughts turned to my Mom and her life.


It was scary for her to move away from her home, family and friends.  But she did it to help her sister and her sister’s family.  Mothers are about family.  A mother’s focus is about her family.  Every day mothers around the world make decisions that they hope will be the best for their family.  Some are heading out the door on their way to work, others are staying home to work.  Working at home or working away from home, we still do it for our family.


As I look around my home that has a bookcase in every room and plants near the windows, I realize how much my mother has influenced my world.  She has shared her love for reading, plants and children with me.  But most importantly she has shared her never give up spirit.  I’m the oldest of four children.  When I was in the 11th grade my Mom went to nursing school!  She enjoyed a long career as a neonatal nurse.  She loved her preemie babies and would talk about them for hours.  It was really exciting when she trained to be a neonatal medevac nurse.  We loved hearing her stories of being on a helicopter flying out to pick up preemie babies.  My Mom, retired now still uses her nursing skills while helping her sister.



This weekend my family will celebrate all women, mothers, sisters, aunts and grandmothers. Thank you for caring for your families.


Happy Mother’s Day!!!