Snapchat and Agriculture

What is Snapchat?  Isn’t that the thing all the kids are using now?  Doesn’t it just disappear?  Why would I want to use Snapchat?  These are just a few of the questions I get asked when talking about Snapchat.


For the past year I have had the best time using Snapchat.  At first I used Snapchat with just family and friends.  We had good times sending snaps to each other while on vacation, during kid’s games, or just cooking in the kitchen.  I shared my entire Christmas Village setup with everyone, and they loved it!  Who wouldn’t?    After awhile I started feeling comfortable with Snapchat.  This made me venture out and seek other people in the Agriculture community.  What I found was amazing!


I found the beautiful and amazing world of agriculture.  Farmers and ranchers sharing snaps of their day to day activities.  Snaps taken while riding horses, rounding up cattle, driving the combine in the middle of the night made wondrous stories to consume.  The average consumer has little information of where their food comes from.  We as agvocates can share our stories on Snapchat.  A simple snap of our surroundings while repairing fencing is showing a picture many people will never experience.  Let’s help the consumer experience life on a farm or life on the ranch by agvocating with Snapchat!


Snapchat is a mobile photo messaging app.  It allows the user to take and share photos or short videos.  The pictures and videos must be taken while using Snapchat.  The pictures and videos will show for 10 seconds.  You have the option of choosing to send the snap to certain people (they will be the only ones to see your snap) or you can choose to  send as a Snapchat story.  A Snapchat story will be available for viewing for 24 hours and all of your followers can view and re-watch it for 24 hours.  Some Snapchatters really get into telling stories.  They make multiple snaps that tell a story.

Snapchat’s lenses are the best and they change daily!  Kiddos are mesmerized while playing with the lenses.  One recent Saturday evening our entire family, Great-Grandma included took turns with the face swap lens.  To use the lenses, first make sure your camera is facing you then tap and hold on your face.  The lenses will appear at the bottom of screen.  Swipe left to try different lenses and let the fun begin!

Snapchat also has filters you can use after taking your snap.  After taking your snap and before sending swipe right and look at the different filters.  There are options of adding the time, temperature, MPH, and different color filters to your snaps.  You can also speed up or slow down a video.  Like I said, great fun!  Then there are geofilters.  If you choose to use a geofilter it will show what city you are in.  We live out in the country so we do not have a geofilter.  So when I am somewhere that has a geofilter I tend to overuse it.  Or so I’ve been told by my daughter.


You can add friends on Snapchat two different ways.  First you can add new friends simply by entering their user name.  Or you can add new friends by snapcode.  You take a screen shot of the snapcode then choose the option to add friend by snapcode.


Our Snapcode

Snapchat is very user friendly.  I actually downloaded the Snapchat app and got started all by myself.  I never had to ask my kids what to do!  Major points for Snapchat!


As of Nov. 8, 2015: Snapchat says it has more than 100 million daily active users, and, 6 billion video views per day.  I am sure those numbers have grown.


On a side note one of my favorite Snapchatters is The Pioneer Woman.  Sometimes she shares step by step recipes!!!  I take screen shots and make the always delicious and scrumptious recipe.  She also shares beautiful pictures of her family ranch.

Join me and let’s all start agvocating with Snapchat!!!