Puzzles are Summertime Fun!

It is here!  Summertime is here!  The kids are yelling this with glee.  In my head, I’m saying school will start soon, very soon.  lol  Our first two days of summer have been filled with rain, rain and more rain.  So we have made some inside summer fun.  All you need is an empty cereal box, a pair of scissors, a marker and a baggie.  And you can make puzzle fun.  My kiddos made them for each other.  They had great fun trying to puzzle each other.  :))

Supplies needed: Scissors, marker, empty cereal box and a baggie.DSC00474


Cut the front and back of the box off.  


Next cut the front of the cereal box into puzzle pieces.  Helpful hint: Larger pieces for smaller children.



Now I number the puzzle pieces.  This is our first puzzle so each piece is labeled with a number 1.  And I always circle the puzzle number.  Next each puzzle piece is numbered.  This way we know how many pieces this puzzle is supposed to have.  And when I find a lost piece I know what puzzle it belongs to.


 All puzzle pieces are put into a baggie and the baggie is labeled with puzzle number and the number of puzzle pieces.


The kids love to help.



He made this one for his little sister!


I have taken these puzzle to a teacher’s store and had them laminated.


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